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Premium Sparkle Collection

Our fantastic new Premium Sparkle Range. Hard to describe just how sparkly this is. A (very) thick Gel Polish containing premium glitter. When it catches the light the effect is stunning. Use on it's own with two or three coats (depending on the colour) or as a stunning overlay. 

Launch offer. Add 4 to the basket and get one completely free. Or buy the complete collection and get 20% OFF (just add all the basket). Limited launch stock (as always) so hurry to grab them while stocks last. 

Application is the same as our other Gel Polishes (Base, Top and Curing) but remember they are very thick. Simply stunning. You'll love them.

Remember. To get 1 free you need to add 4 to the basket. We can't send out a free one if you forget and just add three. Offer is limited to one free per order. To get the 20% OFF simply add all to the basket (the offers can't be used together, it's either 1 free or 20% OFF all). If you have any questions then just let us know.